AT&T Technology

We only use AT&T for new installations! You may ask why? Well, if you have ever talked to a telecom company and asked for voicemail or another upgrade you have found it to be extremely pricey. With AT&T this is not the case. These systems have all the features built right in. No upgrades, no up selling, it just works.

With AT&T, there are no headaches, hassles or heavy equipment! Since the analog gateway is 1U, it requires minimal office space. Plus, the desksets come standard with dual Ethernet ports-no need for extra cabling!

The AT&T Difference

Increase sales Respond to every call now, or later. Built-in voicemail means no more missed calls and no more wasted time!

Give yourself more time Familiar call handling and a dual-mode auto attendant ensure all calls are handled right the first time. The result: more time to focus on your business!

Improve operations Ready to move beyond a small, legacy PBX or key system? With AT&T, there's no need to skimp on features to save money.

Grow your business You can with support for 24 extensions and 8 analog lines - more than enough capacity for your operations today, with plenty of room to expand into the future.